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Information on the investment

Id.no.:KEOP 1.1.1/B/10-11-2011-0001 „Development of the Waste Management System of Miskolc and surrounding settlements" project

The „Development of the Waste Management-handling System of Miskolc and surrounding settlements" project is realized by the Regional Consortium of Miskolc – as municipal ownership – which managing agent is the County Municipality of Miskolc.

The Consortium consists of 36 regional municipality surrounding Miskolc: Alsózsolca, Aszaló, Boldva, Borsodgeszt, Borsodszirák, Bükkaranyos, Bükkszentkereszt, Csincse, Emőd, Felsőzsolca, Gelej, Harsány, Hejőbába, Hejőkeresztúr, Hejőpapi, Hejőszalonta, Hernádnémeti, Igrici, Kisgyőr, Kistokaj, Mezőcsát, Nemesbikk, Ónod, Oszlár, Répáshuta, Sajólád, Sajóörös, Sajópálfala, Sajópetri, Sajósenye, Sajószöged, Szakáld, Szirmabesenyő, Tiszakeszi, Tiszapalkonya, Vatta.

After the submission of the tender on the 8th of September 2011 the positive decision on the support was received in the same year on the 2nd of December. On the 6th of March 2012 the Parties signed the support contract. The closing date of the project is 30th April 2015.

The purpose of the investment is the integrated infrastructural development of the Waste Management System of Miskolc Region, as well as the building up of the system of selective waste collection at the households which affects about 243 thousand people in 37 settlements.

Detailed information of the project

In the frame of the project the inhabitants will receive 35.000 pieces of plastic containers and 5.000 home composting facilities. The distribution shall be performed by the terms and conditions defined by the Consortium and the Civil Service.

8 communal waste collection vehicles shall be put into operation for the household selective collection. The project also includes the mechanical pre-treatment of the collected mixed solid waste of the Region   (capacity of 53.000 tons/year), which necessitates the purchase of carriers (truck, front loader). In order to support the cultivation of the landfill, the purchase of a crawler dozer will be provided.

In order for the proper storage of the collected and selected reusable waste 1-1 covered bale storage will be built in Hejőpapi waste storage site (appr. 430 m2) and at the József Attila street waste storage site (appr. 570 m2).

By the operation of the mechanical pre-treatment the present waste management system shall be a significantly modernized one. The mechanical treatment works will be suitable for the production of so called RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) products from the communal waste of the households, as well as secondary raw material suitable for commercial purposes by applying modern, environment friendly technology. Therefore – instead of pre-treatment and recycling, disposal – a higher level of treatment can be achieved, which results in less   amount of waste and the energy recovery will contribute to the operation of the system.

In the same time the waste yards of Miskolc shall also be developed as well as the supplementary elements in relation with the selective collection. It is also part of the project to create a major awareness-raising and educational campaign, which will further promote the selective collection of waste and prepare the public on how to reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste.


The current total eligible project costs is HUF 3.693.374.200, from which HUF 3.407.071.847 is part of the financial support (92,248217 % support intensity) and HUF 290.763.353 is self financed. The financial support shall be provided by the EU and the Hungarian State – in the frame of the Environmental Protection and Infrastructure Operational Program (EPIOP) (HUN:KEOP).

Project participants

In the last period the public procurement tenders have been closed successfully. All the contracts have been signed, among them the last one on January 30th, 2014 in relation with the implementation, performed as an open, EU tender.

Contractor: The construction works shall be performed accordingly by MGH Miskolc Consortium (members: MENTO Környezetkultúra Kft., (Environment Culture Ltd.) GEOHIDROTERV Mérnökgeológiai, Környezetvédelmi és Vízgazdálkodási Kft. (Engineer Geological, Environment Protection and Water Treatment Ltd.) HE-DO Útépítő, Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft.( Road Construction, Trade and Service Ltd)). The works had already been started by the planning phase in February, and by the end of March the first steps of the road works was done. Based on the schedule the test operation of the mechanical pre-treatment works shall be performed by autumn of 2014 which precedes the technical handover of the plant.

Containers, Collection vehicles: The containers were delivered by the Polyduct Ltd according to the contract signed in December 20th, 2013, however, before deadline, in the beginning of April 2014. The distribution can be started in May with the cooperation of the vehicle operator. The contract for the vehicles was signed with M-U-T Kft.–P1-BAU Kft. as joint bidders in December 20th, 2013. The vehicles included in the contract, among them the 8 new waste collection vehicles, shall be delivered before deadline, likely, in May.

Engineer, project management, PR and raising awareness: The technical control of the project, the engineer tasks of FIDIC is performed by the UTIBER Kft. from May 24th, 2012, the project management tasks are performed by Miskolc Holding Zrt. from September 25th, 2013. The PR and awareness raising tasks were given, according to the tendering process, to the responsibility of the MAHIR–MonDay Konzorcium on the 20th December 2013 and contract was signed on the 23rd.

Public Procurement Specialist: Two companies were performing the public procurement specialist tasks. The Mátrix Audit Ltd. from 3th July 2012 and the Ész-Ker Ltd from 19th February 2013.


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